"Honey have you… tried not being a magical girl?"

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You guys, there’s this game called pumpkin online that is currently raising funds via kickstarter. Let me explain to you why this is everything I’ve ever wanted in a video game

  • MMO similar to Harvest Moon or Farmville
  • Date cute NPCs of EITHER GENDER no matter WHAT GENDER YOU ARE
  • Play as a non-binary person !!!!
  • Play any race!!!!
  • There will even be an island in the world that revolves around spoon theory and features disabled NPCs!!

The kickstarter ends in 12 days and they barely have HALF of their goal. They need all the help we can give them to make this as awesome as possible!!!

So if you have any money, please donate -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/749023221/pumpkin-online-a-farming-dating-sim-mmoprg

Or signal boost this so we can make it happen!!

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when you realize you’re the gay cousin

more like

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Anonymous asked:
Makorin 7!!


boys putting their lives on the line to protect others deserves all the kisses they want



What a waste of space.

did you just

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*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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My Mom just accidentally prematurely sent an email to an accounting firm… It was supposed to say ‘I am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting”

but she hit send when all it said was

Hi Jeffrey,
      I am afraid

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barnham is lame jk i love him pl vs aa was fun I LOVED IT!!!!

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Help Us Find a Missing Epileptic 16 Year Old Girl


Hey, Tumblr! A lot of you might have noticed our previous post, but I just wanted to make another with all the information we have in the first post.

But we’re still on the lookout for Cassie Simkins, a 16 year old girl (and my stepsister) who went missing from home in Rockwell City, Iowa in…


Okay, so in celebration of almost 10k followers, and Pokemon coming back with a Hoenn remake, let’s do a lil pocket monsters giveaway!

There will be TWO big winners, and a few lil baby winners (+1 for every thousand notes or so). 


  • Your choice between Omega Red OR Alpha Sapphire for the 3DS
  • FOUR Pokedolls (or pokeplush if you prefer) of your choice. 
  • Any Pokemon t-shirt/scoop-neck/tank top/long sleeve top from Redbubble (check their options out HERE they’re hella))
  • $50 dollars for whatever the hecky your heart desires. Poke merch? SURE! Candy? Yeah okay! Just want the cash? I can do that too! ((cash would actually be either money order or paypal))


  • Whichever game the first place winner did not pick!
  • TWO pokedolls (or pokeplush)
  • Any Pokemon t-shirt/scoop neck/tank top from Redbubble (link HERE again))

So, for every 1,000 notes this gets, I will add ONE lil baby mini winner. They will get their choice of any Pokedoll or Pokeplush!


  • MUST be following Cassietotallyjust (dat me)
  • Giveaway ends on September 2nd 8:00pm (Eastern US time)
  • All prizes will be sent out asap, except for the video games. They will be preordered and sent out when they’re released. ((Think of it like winning twice aha))
  • Must be 18+ or have permission from your parents
  • Reblog to enter, you may also like for a second entry
  • Must have ask open, winners will have 24 hours to respond to my message or else another name will be drawn.
  • US only ((game is probably region locked anyway)) and I will pay for shipping
  • Must be willing to give me your address/shirt size so you can get your stuff uwu

If you have any questions (or if I forgot something), feel free to message me through my ASK (preferably off anon so i can reply privately) or through fanmail if the ask is unavailable. 


EDIT: Pokedoll/plush picture was changed to two separate pictures. One example of Pokeplush, one of Pokedolls. I will not be giving away pokedolls/plush that I already own, I will be purchasing them online, or through the Nintendo World store. I’d appreciate it if people reblogged the new version with the new picture and this lil edit uwu

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commission for jadebloods!!

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don’t you have a dream? take this more seriously!

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Please do not remove source

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Inspired by this post. x)